Jesse Harris: Through The Night

“Through The Night”
Secret Sun Recordings / Downtown Music

It could be said that Jesse Harris’ album Through The Night – his ninth full-length release – harkens back in spirit and tone to one of his earlier albums, 2001’s Crooked Lines, a home-recorded effort made before the hoopla of mainstream attention and a 2003 major label debut on Verve / Universal. Through The Night, however, is anything but a home recording; co-produced, recorded and mixed in 14 straight days by the legendary Terry Manning at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, The Bahamas, it features a quartet of Bill Dobrow (Martha Wainwright, Sean Lennon) on drums, Mauro Refosco (Atoms For Peace, David Byrne, Forro In The Dark) on percussion, Guilherme Monteiro (Bebel Gilberto, Forro In The Dark) on bass, and Jesse Harris on electric and acoustic guitar and, for the first time, piano, wurlitzer and Hammond B3 organ.

Through The Night is not an accidental title: “The songs depict dreams, romance, and mystery against the backdrop of moon, stars, and sometimes chaos,” Harris says.  “I wanted to explore the theme of night in different scenarios, from peaceful Rousseau-esque fantasies to sleepless nights of obsession.”

From the opening rock number “Put It Out Of Your Mind” to the Caetano Veloso-influenced “Pixote” to the folkish “Gone Without A Sound,” the 14 tracks on Through The Night compel the listener across a wide range of musical styles while maintaining a thematic cohesion of sound and text.

Produced by Jesse Harris and Terry Manning
Recorded and mixed by Terry Manning
At Compass Point Studios, The Bahamas
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC

Jesse Harris – vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, B3 Organ (2,5,7,13), Wurlitzer (1,2,5,9,11,13,16), piano (1,5,8,10,15)
Bill Dobrow – drums, marimba (2), conga (16)
Guilherme Monteiro – electric bass, electric guitar (3,4,16), acoustic guitar (8,11,12)
Mauro Refosco – percussion, B3 Organ (3,9,14), Wurlitzer (6,13), marimba (16)

Christian Justiliene – mellophone, tuba, valve trombone
Jawara Adams – trumpet and flugelhorn
Tino Richardson – tenor saxophone
Terry Manning – background vocals
Hannah Cohen – background vocals

All horns arranged by Terry Manning
Except Through The Night – arranged by Christian Justiliene, Terry Manning, and Jesse Harris