Jesse Harris: Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa coming July 31st on Dangerbird Records.

1. I Know It Won’t Be Long
2. Rocking Chairs
3. All Your Days
4. It’s Been Going ‘Round
5. Waltz Of The Rain
6. Sad Blues
7. Afternoon In Kanda (Instrumental)
8. I Won’t Wait
9. Patchouli
10. The Maiden
11. Tant Pis
12. Rube And Mandy At Coney Island
13. You Used To Call Me (Instrumental)
14. Let It All Come Down

Produced by Jesse Harris and Bill Dobrow
Special thanks to Daniel Carvalho and Bernard Ceppas

Rio Band:
Maycon Ananias – keyboards, piano, organ
Dadi – bass
Bill Dobrow – drums and percussion, glockenspiel on “Rube and Mandy at Coney Island”
Jesse Harris – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Guilherme Monteiro – electric guitar

Additional Players:
Vinicius Cantuaria – maracas on “It’s Been Going ‘Round”
Bill Frisell – electric guitar on “It’s Been Going ‘Round”
Maria Gadu – vocals on “I Know It Won’t Be Long”
Melody Gardot – vocals on “Tant Pis”
Norah Jones – vocals on “Rocking Chairs”, “Rube and Mandy at Coney Island”, “Let It All Come Down”, and “You Were Bound To Fly Away” (bonus track)
Richard Julian – vocals on “The Maiden”
Conor Oberst – vocals on “I Won’t Wait”
Mickey Raphael – harmonica on “As Long As You’re Here” (bonus track)
Mauro Refosco – percussion, marimba, glockenspiel, electronics
Nick Zinner – electric guitar on “I Won’t Wait”

CJ Camerieri – trumpet, flugelhorn, french horn
Clark Gayton – trombone, euphonium
Doug Wieselman – bass clarinet, clarinet, tenor saxophone

Pico Alt – violin
Christina Courtin – violin
Johnny Gandelsman – violin
Colin Jacobsen – violin
Max Mandel – viola
Jeremy Turner – cello

Strings and Horns arranged and orchestrated by Maycon Ananias
Except “Waltz Of The Rain” by Jesse Harris and Maycon Ananias and “Patchouli” by Bill Dobrow and Maycon Ananias

All songs by Jesse Harris c 2011 (Beanly Songs (BMI)/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC)
Except “Rocking Chairs” c 2011 by Jesse Harris (Beanly Songs (BMI)/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC) and Dadi (Warner Chappell)
And “Patchouli” c 1991 Jesse Harris (Beanly Songs (BMI)/Sony/ATV Tunes LLC)

Recorded by Daniel Carvalho and Bernard Ceppas
Mixed by Daniel Carvalho
At Monoaural Studios, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Strings and horns recorded by Pat Dillett in New York City

Additional recording by Corina Figueroa Escamilla, Scott Hollingsworth, Shimoda Kenji (Superlegal Studios), James McAlister, Lynn Peterson (Lahaina Sound), Tom Schick, Nick Zinner.

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering

Photography by Hannah Cohen

Thanks to Vinicius Cantuaria for your generosity and to Dadi for all your help with everything. Abracos!